Feel secure always knowing
Proof is by your side
Feel secure always knowing
Proof is by your side
The astonishing video quality of the LS470W+ in any lighting condition is accomplished by the combination of the exclusive SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor, Japanese-made 7 element glass lens with f/1.6 aperture, and powerful chipset with advanced wide dynamic range processing (WDR) Technology.
DOD Tech is the first in the industry to have light sensitivity up to ISO 12800, allowing the LS470W+ to produce video details in dark conditions without compromise. Viewing your recorded videos through the 3” TFT LCD screen makes instant playback simple and easy. With updated technology and DOD Tech innovation, the LS470W+ is equipped with 10X GPS, logging faster and more accurately. In addition, the new view angle has been increased to 150 degrees, producing a wider view with no wave effect and the new adjustable circular polarizing filter helps to reduce reflecting lights, resulting in greater video details.
The innovative logging function allows fleet operators to view the location of your vehicle, at the point of accident.
The world’s latest and fastest 10Hz GPS processor records your position and speed accurately.
Save time and fuel consumption by reviewing your trips with DOD Tech’s GPS Log Viewer.
The DOD LS470W+ is a Full HD dash cam featuring Sony’s Exmor Image Sensor, a 10x speed GPS processor, and a Built-in 3” LCD screen.
Circular Polarising Filter Reduces glare and reflection from the windscreen to help provide crystal clear footage.
The adhesive suction cup mount provides easy removal and installation of the camera. Secure in both winter and summer conditions.
Hardwire kit for your DOD Dashcam. Save your power outlet for other uses. Equipped with built-in 12V and 24V low-voltage protection designed to prevent battery drainage. Discreetly set up your DOD Dashcam by hiding wires.
The bundled 32GB microSDHC Memory Card (Class 10) allows the camera to backtrack videos recorded in the past 6 hours.
For more product information, please contact Arnold Li (arnold.li@dod-tech.ca)
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