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Reckless Driving

[:en]Reckless Behaviour on the Roads[:]

[:en] Reckless behaviour when on the roads is unacceptable. This week’s blog starts off once again with a link to a news article. This time coming from the Toronto Star. In this video, you see a man on a bike crossing the highway. That is absurd, he could have been easily run over by any […]


Canadian International Auto Show

The Canadian International Auto Show is an annual show held in February at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada. On average, there are 300,000 visitors that attend the auto show.   Every year, over a thousand cars, trucks, SUVs, as well as concept cars which haven’t hit the roads are on exhibit. There […]


Driving Safety in 2017

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. All vehicle dealers have commercials complementing their vehicles on how they are top of the line in safety, yet the most unsafe part of the car, is the person driving it.   Lately on DOD’s social media, there have been postings of […]


Setting up a dash camera

The only thing as important as the quality of the video your dash camera has is the set-up of your camera. This is because a clean set up means there will be no problems with the camera being knocked down or unplugged by accident. With a DOD Dash Camera, set up is easy. It can […]


Quality Nighttime video

Everyone drives at night, some more than others. With the days getting shorter, you have more time at night to drive. According to the National Safety Council “Fatigue, lack of light, compromised night vision, rush hour and impaired drivers all contribute to making driving at night more dangerous than during any other time of day. […]

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