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Time is Incorrect

Before continuing please ensure that the Date/Time setting has been set properly. To get to this setting, press menu twice and scroll down to Date/Time.

Time Jumps Ahead/Behind

If you have a GPS enabled camera, and your time is consistently jumping ahead or behind, please ensure that you have set the World Time Zone in the settings. Please find your correct time zone among the list of time zones offered and select it. If you do not know what your correct time zone is, you can easily figure it out by taking your current time, and subtracting it from the time on the camera.

For example:
Your current time is 6am. The camera shows 9am. Subtracting 6 from 9 gives you -3. In this case, you would select GMT-3:00 in World Time Zone.

Time Resets to 2000/01/01

If the time of your unit resets to 2000/01/01 or does not save the time, please contact DOD Tech’s support team for further support.

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