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Recommended Camera Settings

DOD Tech has recommended camera settings for the best performance of your camera. These settings are split into two menus.

To access the first menu, please press the corresponding menu button on your camera. To access the second menu, please press the corresponding menu button a second time on your camera.

These settings are listed in the order of your camera. Recommended settings are bolded.

Menu 1


Resolution: 1080FHD / 720P / 720P 60FPS / WVGA / VGA

1080 FHD is currently the highest resolution for DOD Tech Cameras. As any important events can be immediately saved DOD Tech recommends customers save their videos in the highest quality possible. This helps preserve details.

Lowering the resolution will result in lower video quality and smaller file sizes. Useful for customers who require more recording time (professional drivers) where having a historical record may be essential in defending against accusations.

Exposure: +3 / +2 / +1 / 0 / -1 / -2 / -3

Brightens or darkens the image. A positive number will brighten the image by allowing more light into the lens. A negative number will darken the image. 0 is well balanced.

White Balance: Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Tungsten /Fluorescent

White balance controls how the camera sees the color white under different lighting sources. Changing this setting will result in unnatural colors. Auto is highly recommended.

Record Audio: On / Off

In most cases safe drivers would desire audio recorded to better document the situation. Commentary, background noises can all be used to further assist your case.

Date Stamp: On / Off

Stamps the date and time onto your video on the bottom left hand area of your screen. Very useful to help verify the time and date of any incidents.

Loop Recording: Off / 2 Minutes / 3 Minutes / 5 Minutes

Loop recording is an essential feature which allows your camera to record over the oldest files when your memory card is full. This makes it easy to use a camera to record your drive. Avoid the “Off” setting.

3 Minutes is an excellent period of time as it allows drivers to find the video segment an incident took place without having too many or too few files.

G-Sensor: Off / High / Middle /Low

This governs whether or not the camera will lock a clip after a hard impact to your vehicle. On high, a small pothole may trigger this lock. A locked clip will not be automatically deleted by the camera. DOD Tech recommends setting the g-sensor to Low. This will lock files follow significant impacts but will not fill up your memory card with locked files.

Motion Detection: On / Off

Motion detection will only record video when a change in the image is detected by the camera. For example, the camera will not record video if the vehicle is stopped at a traffic intersection, or driving down an empty road. DOD Tech strongly recommends turning motion detection off while driving.

Plate Stamp: User Preference

Imprints a customized set of letters onto the recorded video. This can be license plates, names, etc. Does not affect the operation of the camera.

Driver Fatigue Warning: Off / 1H / 2H / 3H / 4H

Driver fatigue provides a visual warning (shows a coffee cup) after a certain period of time is exceeded. Can be useful to be reminded to take a break after a certain period of time. Does not affect the operation of the camera.

GPS Track: Off / On

This turns on the GPS module for the camera models with GPS. We recommend this setting to be turned on as it allows for time synchronization and speed/time logging to work.

Heads Up Display or Standby Speed Display: User Preference

This shows your current speed and a directional compass on the LCD after the time selected. Requires GPS to show speed and compass. Can be useful to keep an accurate track of your current speed.

Turning the “Screen Saver” setting to ‘OFF’ is recommended if this setting is enabled.

GPS Speed Warning: Off / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120

Places the speed the customer selects onto the LCD screen. If the user exceeds the speed selected, a red circle will be drawn around the number.

World Time Zone: GMT -13 to GMT +12

This setting should be based on User Location. This option only needs to be set on GPS enabled units and is used to set the time. The customer will need to change this setting to their correct local setting to ensure that the time on their units are not incorrect.

Password Settings: User Preference.

The customer can enter in a 4 digits to protect camera settings and to prevent files from being deleted by using the camera. Note this will not stop the removal of the memory card and the deletion of the recorded files.

Speed Units: KPH/MPH (User Preference)

Kilometers per hour or miles per hour. This is used to set the speed units used on playback and standby speed display.

Image Rotation: Off / On

Rotates the video 180 degrees. For customers who want to mount the camera upside down on their dashboard.

Time Lapse: Off / 200MS / 500MS / 1S / 5S

Enabling time lapse results in sped up video. For non-entertainment recording your camera should be set to 0 otherwise it is likely you will miss an important event.

Menu 2

Date / Time: See Details

The Date/Time will only need to be adjusted if GPS clock syncronization is unavailable. GPS syncronization may be unavailable if your unit does not have GPS or if you turn off GPS tracking

Frequency: 60HZ (North America)

This setting helps reduce light flicker. In North American the powerline frequency is 60Hz. In Europe and other countries it would be 50Hz.

LED: On / Off

For LS camera series only. These cameras have a LED on the front of the camera. Turning this option on would turn on the LED. We recommend keeping it off for best picture quality.

Beep Sound: Off / On

This causes the camera to emit a sound every time a button is pressed. For feedback purposes, please leave this option. If you wish operate the camera silently, please set beep sound to off.

Screen Saver: Off / 3 Minutes / 5 Minutes / 10 Minutes

To have the screen turn off while driving, set the screen saver setting to 3 minutes. This will cause the screen to automatically turn off after 3 minutes. If you wish to have it turn off after a longer time, please select either 5 or 10 minutes. Setting the screen saver to off will cause the LCD screen to remain on.


In North America, the TV standard is NTSC. This setting may need to be changed if you are in a different region.

Speed Stamp: On / Off

Cameras with GPS modules will be able to track your speed and position. If you wish to have the information displayed on your recorded video, this setting needs to be set on. If you do not want to have the speed and position displayed on your camera, this should be set off.


This shows the current firmware version of the camera.

Default Setting

This option will reset the camera to factory default.

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