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Recommended Memory Cards

At DOD Tech Canada we constantly and extensively test a vast amount of memory cards available for purchase in the market. We test for performance and reliability when used with our cameras. We recommend purchasing your SD cards from well-known and reputable sellers, as counterfeit cards exist in the market.

Recommended Choices

The following SD card brands have been tested and are compatible with our cameras (must be rated class 10 or higher).

Lexar High-Endurance, High Performance, Professional

Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 and Action Camera UHS-1 U3

Samsung Pro and Pro+ series

ADATA Premier Pro series

Unsupported List

At this time, we are unable to recommend SanDisk branded cards because they have long term reliability issues when used with our cameras.

64GB & 128GB Cards

64GB and 128GB microSDXC cards once formatted using a special program will work with DOD dash cameras. The long term reliability of 128GB cards is not currently known.

Not Listed?

If your choice of card is not listed and have questions please contact DOD Tech using email or the live chat found to the bottom left of the screen.

Last updated: October 7, 2016

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