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Mass Storage Message

Mass storage always comes on when the camera is started

A common reason is because the camera has been plugged in to a power source that does not provide proper amperage for the camera units. For example, the USB port of a home computer will only provide 0.5 amp of current. DOD Tech camera units requeire 5V/1A to operate normally.

To make sure the camera is not defective; we highly suggest using the original DC adapter to power the camera inside the vehicle. If you wish to use the camera indoors, you may power up the camera unit with any smart-phone wall plug adapter that provides correct corresponding power amperage. This way we can be sure the camera is provided with a correct power source to properly function in “Camera” mode, and not “Mass Storage” mode.

If the camera starts in mass storage mode while using the original DC adapter (and starts normally while connected using a smart-phone wall plug adapter), please contact DOD Tech’s support team for further assistance.

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