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How to Install Your Camera

STEP 1: Clean Windshield

Wipe down the interior/exterior to improve image quality & mount installation.

  • An automotive specific windshield glass cleaner is recommended.

STEP 2 – Attach Mount to Camera

RX7W+ Users can skip to step 4.
Two mounts are included with LS Series cameras. Both mounts are secure. Some differences:

  • Suction Mount: Reusable, increased vibrations
  • Tape Mount: Low Profile, More Stable. Harder to remove. Leaves no residue

STEP 3: Find an Installation Location

Locate a clean spot on your windshield to attach your mount.

  • We recommend placing the camera opposite the driver behind the rear view mirror.
  • Ensure the camera nor the driver is obstructed once installed.

STEP 4 – Attach Camera

  • Suction Mounts – Press firmly against the windshield and press down the lever (LS-Series Cameras) or turn the handle (CR65W Cameras)
  • Tape Mount – Peel the protective red film. Holding the mount press firmly against the windshield. Using your fingers press directly onto the black mount. The mount can be removed by peeling from one corner.

Attaching the RX7W+

    Loosen both straps. Slip the left loop over the rear view mirror then the right loop. Tighten the straps ensuring the lens does not press into the rear view mirror.

Step 5 – Insert the USB Plug into your Camera

  • See the photos above for the different camera styles.

Step 6 – Adjust the Angle

  • Loosen the nut on the camera (if applicable).
  • Turn on the camera and using the screen move the camera or lens (RX7W+) to the correct position.
  • We recommend positioning the camera below parallel capturing the hood of your vehicle. This reduces glare and allows you to capture the impact to your vehicle.
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