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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help? Here are quick answers to the most common questions we get asked. If you need further help troubleshooting an issue please contact us directly.

Installation & Setup

How is the dashboard camera powered?
Using the supplied power adapter all DOD cameras are powered through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

Will there be any wires hanging from my dashboard camera?
The supplied 4m (13 ft) DC power adapter cable can be routed and hidden between the gaps in various places such as the vehicle’s headliner and the pillar. For more installation tips and assistance please visit for a video tutorial.

Operating Your Camera

How can I view my recorded videos?
You can view your videos directly on the LCD screen or using the included USB cable can connect it directly to your personal computer and view the footage on your monitor.

Can I disable the microphone?
Yes. All DOD cameras have a menu setting to disable audio recording. On newer cameras you can disable the microphone while recording by holding down the mute button (see menu for location).


The camera records for a short period of time then stops
The most likely cause is the “motion detection” setting found inside the menu set to on. This mode is only meant to be enabled while your vehicle is parked. Turning it on may cause the recording to cycle due to the algorithm used.

The Camera shows a “Memory card is full” error message

  1. If loop recording setting is turned off the camera will not automatically overwrite files.
  2. If your G-Sensor is set to high the camera will quickly fill up with locked files preventing the files from being overwritten. The fastest solution is to format the card and set the G-Sensor to low. Caution: This permanently deletes all files.

The Screen is stuck on the DOD Logo or locked on the home screen
The memory card may be corrupted or non-functional. Check using another microSD card first. If the problem persists there may be a hardware problem with the unit and it will need to be returned. Contact DOD Tech directly for assistance.

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