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How to Choose a DOD Camera

Picking a camera is easy. First decide on the type of camera you are looking for. There’s a standard camera body and a rear view mirror.

Get a rear view window model if you have worries that your camera may be too noticeable and you don’t feel like removing your camera when parked. You might also enjoy not having anything attached to your windshield.

Next pick the level of video quality you desire.
Why is video quality important? Imagine at night and someone hits you and drives off. A better camera can give you a chance to capture that license plate so you aren’t left in the cold.

All our cameras have excellent video quality during the day. Cameras with only 4-elements of glass may experience slightly reduced quality at the edges.

The biggest difference is at night. The CR65W and RX7W+ cameras have granier video at night with reduced sharpness. The RX8W camera which is our latest mirror dash camera has improved video. At the high-end our LS series cameras have DOD Tech best camera technology.

Better video gives you better insurance that the camera will catch the details you need after an accident or police encounter.

Finally choose if you need GPS capabilities. GPS allows you to record your position and speed. This can be useful if you need a log of where your employees have been. Lend out your vehicle to friends or family? Now you know how it’s been used It may also assist your defense in traffic court.

In all cases all camera models feature DOD Tech engineering in and out, engineering you can only get from us. If you have additional questions please contact us!

You can also see our comparison between the camera models for more information.

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