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Reckless behaviour when on the roads is unacceptable. This week’s blog starts off once again with a link to a news article. This time coming from the Toronto Star. In this video, you see a man on a bike crossing the highway. That is absurd, he could have been easily run over by any of the oncoming traffic on that high way.


This brings up the thought of what else has happened on the roads that is ridiculous and shouldn’t be happening.


One story I will never forget from when I was young. On a bus ride, back from a field trip, a tractor trailer on the highway, driving alongside of us. The driver was eating a bowl of soup, using both hands, one with the spoon, the other on the bowl. Driving 100 Km/h down the road, no hands on the wheel at all. Remember, this is a tractor trailer with plenty of weight behind him, a single jolt and he could run straight into the bus I was on. He was most likely driving with his knees in this instance to keep himself straight.


I know truck drivers are driving for hours on end, sometimes with 13-hour work days. So, their time to eat is when they are driving, which is unfortunate. In this case, that could have been the circumstances, and he may do it enough to feel comfortable and not worry. This does leave a bus full of children in danger though with the smallest of movements, he could have lost control of his trailer.


One wrong move and that is a tractor trailer running into a bus full of children. That is horribly wrong.


This blog ties into the one I wrote last week, and one from 3 weeks ago. They were about safety on the roads and about a bystander who caught an accident on his dash camera as evidence due to there being no case by either party involved.


I spoke of injuries to pedestrians and cyclists, which is exactly what could happen here. Any wrong move and that man on the bike could be run over in an instant. He was seconds away from being run over by a red car which was still going full speed when he had just gotten to the shoulder of the road.

Doing something like this isn’t just dangerous to himself, it’s dangerous to everyone around him.



The video provided is from YouTube, it’s a compilation video of people on the roads of Staten Island driving dangerously. It is taken by one of our LS460W+ models. Showcasing the HD quality our Dash cameras have.


There are many reckless people on the roads, and they should be stopped. The roads are becoming very dangerous for people driving, walking or biking. It is not fair to those who are just trying to get from one place to another alive.

SOUCE: http://asirt.org/initiatives/informing-road-users/road-safety-facts/road-crash-statistics


The stats provided above speak to the amount of people that die in crashes every year. With the way people are driving currently, that number could increase easily. 1.3 Million of 7 billion is a pretty large number, way more than need to be. With the dash camera footage of people driving recklessly, the police are able to charge those guilty with reckless driving! So if you want to keep our roads safe, purchase a dash camera to tape what you see. Call the police to report on these drivers.


If you want to learn more about Dash Cameras and how they protect our roads, visit our website here.[:]

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