DOD DP4 Dashcam Hardwire Kit

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Hardwire kit for your DOD Dashcam. Save your power outlet for other uses. Equipped with built-in 12V and 24V low-voltage protection designed to prevent battery drainage. Discreetly set up your DOD Dashcam by hiding wires.

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Product Description

The DOD DP4 Hardwire kit is designed to provide power for your dashcam while discreetly hiding the connection cords for clean installation. The DP4 Hardwire kit is a Fuse-to-Socket type of connection cord. The cord is also equipped with a protection module to prevent the dashcam from draining your vehicle’s battery when the vehicle is parked for extensive periods. The LED indicator will flash a green or red light to notify power status, allowing you to know the status at a glance.

Cord Length
1.6 meters

32V, 2A

Power Input

Power Output

Rated Output Current

Rated Output Power

Maximum Output Current

Maximum Output Power

1. DP4 Power Adapter
2. Mini fuse line
3. Low-profile mini fuse
4. ATO fuse line
5. ATO fuse
6. Low-profile fuse adapter
7. Low-profile fuse
8. Operation Manual

English Manual
French Manual

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