Benefits of a dash camera
Statistics show 87% of commercial and personal vehicle collisions are caused by the negligence of personal vehicle drivers. With over 10 million commercial vehicles on the road in 2016, the need of Dash Cams have never been more apparent. Protect your operation from loss of resource, fraudulent claims, damage to assets, and provide yourself with security, and assurance with the DOD brand. We stand behind the quality of our product, and we will work with you every step of the way to provide the best solution to all your Dash Cam needs.
Loss of Resources
Time is the life and blood of any company. Equipping its fleet with a reliable Dash Cam provides video proof of incident, increasing efficiency and reducing process time for insurance claims to a fraction of what it was.
Fraudulent Claims
With vehicular fraud on the rise, it is fundamental to have proof at all times. DOD Tech cameras provide users the highest video quality on the market, night or day.
Damage of Assets
When confronted with an accident, drivers may not recall all details of what happened. With DOD Tech’s G-Sensor in every camera, you have a peace of mind knowing all information is protected inside the memory card regardless the severity of the collision.
Stay protected even during your absence. With the hardwire kit, your camera will continue to survey the front of the vehicle for any impact or vandalism.
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