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Insurance fraud is a very real scare in this world when it comes to driving on the roads. They can happen every day and no one would know about it. A lot of accidents that happen on the roads are dealt with cash between the two parties involved instead of filed with the police and done through the insurance companies.


Read this article about an insurance fraud scam in Hamilton Ontario Canada.



In this article, we learn about how a man in a truck, drive backwards into a car with a dash camera. They want to exchange numbers and get money from the insurance, but once they find out that a dash camera recorded the entire situation, his attitude changes. He asks to not go to the cops and pay in cash to finish what happened. They exchange numbers and the man in the truck refuses to give his last name. He makes a call to the man to see if he gave him the right number and drives away.


Supposedly the man with the dash camera received a call while driving from the same number pretending to be a police officer. He asked for a name and badge number but, was never given it.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to insurance fraud, it is unfortunate that people are resulting in trying to scam others into paying them money. That some have sunken so low to actually try and steal from others around them, putting them at danger.




This video features ABC News having a news segment about insurance fraud. They explain a situation where a car will tell the left turner to go, and block their entrance onto the driveway. Allowing their accomplice to crash into the car turning left. Making it their fault since they are in oncoming traffic.

This is another type of scam that there is and it’s unfortunate for those who are caught in it. They are the target of someone who would rather steal money from others than earn it.


These things happen all over the world and to those who are least expecting it. You can be driving down the street like anyone else and all of a sudden, someone jumps in front of your car and hits it. They want to be paid for the fact that you hit them. Going through insurance, the person in the car seems at fault as they are the one driving the vehicle.


With no proof that they jumped in front, you could be in a heaping mess. No choice but to pay them what they claim they need to get by. The insurance company will most likely side with the pedestrian since they were hit and there is no proof they decided to jump in front.



Watch this video for examples of just this.


Unfortunately, this happens a lot around the world, and the victim isn’t always the person being hit, it can be the person who was driving that is the victim of insurance fraud.


This can all change with a dash camera, just like in the videos shown here, they are caught on a dash camera allowing the world to see what has happened to them. With the first article, the person who was involved in the accident will most likely be able to use the footage to help with his insurance. The only thing the footage can’t prove is if this was a case of insurance fraud, as there is no proof that the people in the truck are trying to commit fraud.


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