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The DOD Dashcam knowledge hub is designed to educate, inform, and inspire drivers and fleet operators on the use of dash camera technology and other important matters that affect drivers.
Key features of a dashcam
Loop Recording
Allows the camera to continuously record video without interruption by overwriting the oldest files when the card has been filled.
Protected Clips
Video clips can be manually or automatically "locked" by the G-sensor to ensure the video is there when you need it.
Video Quality
High quality video during the day or at night ensures that you don't miss a second of the action.
Benefits of a dashcam
Avoid the stress of a he said she said situation; let a DOD dashcam be your undisputable witness. With a DOD dashcam, you will have a permanent record of any accident. You won't have to rely on your memory or eye witnesses. Protect yourself from insurance fraud with crystal clear video evidence.
Vehicle Surveillance
Leave your vehicle parked with peace of mind. Your DOD dashcam can be set to record events while you are away. The dashcam has motion detection and a g-sensor so that any movement or bumps will trigger a recording. Be protected from hit and runs and be protected from vandalism while you are away.
Driving Analysis
Improve your driving. With accurate and clear footage of your driving, you can improve or correct your driving. A GPS equipped dashcam can also capture speed and coordinates, allowing you to analyze your route, distance travelled, and much more.
Capture Events
Have a video record of any exciting events that happen while you drive. You might witness a deer crossing, a rockslide, a tree branch falling on your car, or even meteors in the sky.
Record Trips
Going on a road trip? Capture the entire trip on your DOD dashcam to preserve the memories. Whenever you get nostaglic you can bring up the old footage and relive the journey. You can also use the driving footage in family movies.
Documenting the life of your vehicle
Lending your vehicle to someone? Taking your vehicle in to a shop? Know exactly where you vehicle has been and how it has been driven with crystal clear dashcam footage.
Video Library
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