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With the holidays fast approaching, everyone needs a gift to buy for someone special. So why not give them the gift of protecting themselves on the road with a dash camera?

There are many different types of dash cameras out there to choose from. Dash cameras can have a load of options such as a rearview camera integration, a built in GPS logging system or even a CPL filter to reduce windshield glare.

On average, the American male drives about 25 minutes a day to work. Adding in another 25 to get home, that’s 50 minutes a day in their car alone. That doesn’t include driving to the store, or even if you have kids and driving them to and from school, a practice or event.

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With so much time being spent on the road, using a dash camera makes the most sense.  It benefits the user and everyone involved in an incident such as an accident or unwarranted citation. Giving a dash camera as a present this year for the holidays ensures your loved one has proof of anything that may happen to their vehicle and themselves in it while also protecting them from others committing fraud against them during an accident. If they are a new driver, it can also help them with their driving as they can review the videos and learn from any mistakes they may be doing.

But don’t compromise video quality over bells and whistles when choosing a dash camera this year.

A DOD dash camera always record in HD video, and has the best nighttime video quality on the market. They also come with GPS logging and show drivers their speed when driving. When reviewing the video, you are able to see the driving route taken and the speed at the time of driving to allow yourself to see how you are doing, or even if you wish to use it as evidence in the case of an accident.

So put down that box of cheese and meats and get your loved one a gift they can actually use every single day.

Learn more about the DOD dash cameras by clicking here for Canada and here for US customers, and purchase one today as a gift.

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