Setting up a dash camera


The only thing as important as the quality of the video your dash camera has is the set-up of your camera. This is because a clean set up means there will be no problems with the camera being knocked down or unplugged by accident.

With a DOD Dash Camera, set up is easy. It can be connected to your vehicle in 2 ways, either by hard wiring it to your vehicle, or connect the USB DC power adaptor to your vehicles cigarette port. The camera itself is displayed on your windshield by a suction cup holder to make sure it stays on the windshield and doesn’t fall off. The cord can be hidden behind the seal for your windows for a clean and discreet look as well to keep wires from hanging and out of the way of your passenger.


A clean set up is always very important as no one wants wires dangling or hanging; distracting a driver from their driving. With a clean set up, you won’t even notice that the camera is there, making it unnoticeable and leaving your dashboard even cleaner.

A tip or best practice is to place the camera directly behind your rear view mirror for additional discretion and minimized distraction for you and passengers.

Learn more about DOD Tech dash cameras and their set up by clicking here for Canadian customers and for US customers here.

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