Choosing the right dash camera


When choosing the right dash camera, you want it to meet all your needs and expectations. Whether that be how discreetly it is hidden or simply just the features that are included in it.

Some things to look for are GPS to show where you are when recording, a lens that can help capture crystal clear video to make sure you are always able to record clear video. A wide enough recorder to allow more area in the video and capture the most it can at once. Depending on preference to view the video right on your dash camera, a large screen would be necessary to help you view all recordings right on the camera.

Night time quality

Night time quality

Another thing that is useful in a dash camera is parking surveillance, even when you are not in your vehicle, you are still able to record video to make sure that if your car is hit, you have proof.

A higher rate of speed for a GPS processor is always the way to go. It allows you to have accurate speed and location at the exact moment it is happening.

A clean set up is necessary for a dash camera to ensure you have the most discreet build. Also, a clean set up allows you to not have to set over cords and get tangled up.

Remember, dash cameras are a hot item this holiday season. With that many tech companies are trying to get your share of wallet with nice to have but don’t need to have features that ultimately do not benefit you when it comes to recording superior HD video.

Some of these awesome features that can be included in a dash camera are lane departure warning and forward collision warning. With these features the dash camera will send out a warning to allow you to know you are either driving too close to the person in front of you or drifting lanes to avoid an accident. Also, a feature that is available is to detect and warn you of any red light cameras coming up on your route. Again, it comes down to what you are looking for when shopping for a dash camera but ultimately do not make the mistake of compromising superior video quality for nice to have but do not need to have features. 

It’s like buying a microwave that needs 10 minutes to heat up a pizza slice but comes with a turn table or a microwave that does the job in 1 minute without the spinning turn table. 

Learn more about DOD Tech dash cameras and their video based features for Canadian customers click here and for US customers here.

Click here to watch a video about which dash camera is right for you 

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