[:en]10 Cool Car Concepts from the Canadian International Auto Show[:]

[:en]The Canadian International Auto Show comes to an end this Sunday February 26th. With a couple more days to go, we want to cover the 10 coolest concepts and cars at the show this year in our opinion.


  1. Toyota FCV Plus

The Toyota FCV Plus is a concept car for the future. It is a model that will be run on Hydrogen instead of electricity or gas. It will be a fuel cell vehicle, which means it can use its energy to help their communities as part of the local infrastructure. This vehicle can also use the hydrogen stored outside of the car to generate electricity. This means this concept car, if it becomes real, can help build to a better future, by building usable electricity from hydrogen, lessening pollution, and building sustainable energy for everyone.

  1. Lexus LF FC

The Lexus LF FC has a fuel cell power system that energizes the rear wheels and sends power to the motors in the front wheels to run the car. In a press release by Lexus they exclaimed “inside the LF-FC is an advanced human machine interface that can be operated by simple hand gestures, without the need to touch a panel or controls. A small holographic image on the center console indicates where the system can interpret your hand gestures to control the audio system and ventilation.” With features like these, the future will be literally in the hands of the driver.

  1. Audi R8 V10 Plus/ Audi R8 LMS

The Audi R8 V10 Plus is a unique car as it is modelled after a racecar that the Audi company has created. Their racecar model, the Audi R8 LMS, which was used in the FIA GT3 European Championship. The R8 V10 is made up of 50% of the parts used in the R8 LMS, making it 50% racecar for anyone who has ever wanted to purchase one.

  1. Infiniti QX50

The Infiniti QX50, which is already on the roads, is getting a new look and design come 2018. This concept car has an all new sleek design for the base of the car. As well as the engine is something Infiniti has been working on for a while in the VC-Turbo Engine. This engine which is run on gasoline will be able to work as if it is an advanced diesel powertrain without the same emissions. They say this technology is run by mastering the compression ratios, and will be in all new Infiniti’s in 2018.

  1. Nissan Rogue One

This inspired design comes from the Star Wars Rogue One movie which premiered last year. The car in the photo is a Limited Edition of the vehicle that was on display at the Auto Show. Though not much is very different between the actual Nissan Rogue and the Nissan Rogue One other than its name, and the awesome logos, stickers and helmet that came with it. It is a collector’s item however, and only 400 were made, making this an awesome item to say you owned.

  1. Mitsubishi GT Phev

Straight off the bat, you can see the GT Phev is a unique concept. With doors opening from the same spot in the middle of the car together instead of at the rear of each door, it makes for a more open view of the interior of the car. It is labelled the “ground tourer” which is a play on the term “grand tourer” meaning a class of comfortable sports cars. With this being an electric hybrid, it will have a range of 120KM.

  1. Honda Civic Type R

The special thing about the Civic Type R is that they aren’t sold in North America. They are sold in Asia, Africa and Europe. With this prototype at the Auto Show, it signals for the Civic Type R to be coming to North America for the first time. This brand was typically used for racing in Japan, hence the R in Type R. It has a unique design to be lightweight and performance efficient.

  1. Subaru Viziv 7

While not much is known yet about the Viziv-7, one can only assume this is Subaru’s attempt to get into the game of a 7 seater SUV. As every other car in the Subaru line up, it will be an All Wheel Driver vehicle. The vehicle has a sleek design, it looks like a normal SUV, but the interior allows for 7 passengers, making the inside very spacious for those driving in it.

  1. Hyundai IONIQ Electric

The IONIQ is a brand new line up from Hyundai, it will be going on sale in the USA on April 1st, 2017. While this particular version, the Electric, will be going on sale by September 1st, 2017. The Electric will be able to drive for up to 200KM, with the ability to charge from home or at work. This can be a game changer, allowing more to purchase electric cars, creating a greener future.

  1. Lexus LC 500h

The Lexus LC 500h has the world’s first multi-stage hybrid system. This car runs on two transmissions, not one like any normal car on the market, but two. It will be a rear-wheel drive, with a hybrid transmission. With the two transmissions, it’s meant to feel like a non hybrid when driving it, with the eco features of a hybrid.


Of course, with this article comes the reason we are at the Auto Show, DOD Tech has our own booth at the show on the level 800 floor beside the escalator. If you’re coming by to the Auto Show this closing weekend, pay us a visit and see our line up and how our night time quality is the superior of the dash camera industry, or visit our website to purchase one today.


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