Accident and Dash Cameras proven innocent

Dash cameras are made for one thing in mind, the safety of those in cars, and on the roads. I want to start off this blog with a video of an accident, from Twitter which was posted February 5th, 2017 at 6:49 pm.


A little back story for the video, it was shot in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. The person with the dash camera is stopped at a stop sign behind another car. The car seen clearly has a pedestrian walking in front of him. He decides to drive forward to make a right turn and hits the woman, causing her to spin and fall to the floor. Supposedly the woman said “No police” when the man got out of the car to see if she was okay, and drove off.


The person who posted the video didn’t know what to do, he was contacted by a sergeant of the Ottawa police, he was told to contact police. When he did so, he was told an officer would come to view the video and obtain a copy. By his records, the officer didn’t even look at the video, and told him that there is nothing the police can/will do about the situation since none of the parties actually involved in the incident made a claim about the situation at hand.


From this, I understand why they can’t do anything about the situation itself, neither of the people involved have made any claims, so there is no names or incident recorded. What does bother me is the fact that they are allowing this footage to exist without them doing anything about it at all. They aren’t running any licence plates to find the man and get his side of the story. Instead, they approached the man with the footage and took his statement telling him they won’t continue this case.


They may never find the woman, I understand that, but I believe they went the wrong way with dealing with this situation. Especially because this story has made its way into mainstream media.


The way the police has dealt with it, shows that they don’t care about the situation at hand, which is a woman being struck by a vehicle that is over a ton in weight. Even the slightest of hits can cause serious injury.
Another problem I have with this situation is that the man in the other car, hits a woman, asks if she is okay, and lets her leave the scene. I understand he is at fault and wouldn’t want to be caught, have to go through insurance and pay for anything, no one wants to do that. He as a human being has to have some sort of compassion and realize she may be hurt badly. She was struck by a car.


In 2012, there was a survey showing six most frequent injuries caused for pedestrians and bicyclists.


The third of the six is “Hit by a car” at 12 percent of injuries to people walking or riding their bike.


With stats like that, the part of this that bothers me the most is that we don’t know how she is feeling. At the time of impact, she could be in shock, anyone would be from an incident like this. He didn’t swap information with her, the person taping this didn’t get any information to check up on her. The police, who may not be able to actually find her, didn’t attempt to even locate the woman to see if she was alright. For an incident as serious as this, she could be hurt very badly.


Now I know the accident didn’t cripple her or kill her, as she is seen getting up, but it could cause injury that will be noticed later on. She falls awkwardly in the video, and we can’t see if she hits her head at all. Which she easily could have, she twists on her way down, which means she could have whiplash.


I understand the police have bigger cases to worry about, but doing nothing at all for this is a travesty. Human decency has disappeared. The only person making an attempt to do anything was the man who posted the video to bring to the attention of news outlets, media and the police themselves.


This video is featured on the CBC website in an article, which means it very well could have been on their national news as well. It was featured on CTV Ottawa, which is the city the incident happens in. Bringing a lot of media attention from very large cable stations and websites, yet nothing has come from this.


This is very disheartening to hear, that no one has the care to do anything about this. Personally, as the man driving the car, I would have gone to the police and told them what had happened. For a very selfish reason, to save myself in case she went to the police and accused me of a hit and run, because that is very common in this world. I would have obtained her information to make sure she was alright, as I have no idea the kind of condition she is in before, during or after the accident.


Luckily we have footage out there, helping us see what goes on when our eyes aren’t there. This footage brings to light that the police may not be willing to help if it doesn’t involve the right people. Since the man who took the video wasn’t the one in the accident, his recollection and input means nothing, which isn’t fair to him, who had to sit there and witness a woman being struck by a car. He has the footage with him, and is able to re-watch it. The smallest things can set off traumatic natures in someone, and this could be one.


“There were 65,000 reported pedestrian injuries in 2013; nearly one injury every 8 minutes…” (Source:”
These numbers are from the United States, which may seem low when you think they have over 300 million people living in the country, and 7 billion people living on earth. 65,000 is still a very large number in retrospect as these are the number of people experiencing the same incident that can be easily prevented.


This number also can be scary as these are just the number of reported pedestrian injuries. Just like the video shown earlier, we have no idea if that woman is injured, which is unfortunate. There may be many more cases just like this one, meaning the number of pedestrian injuries is a sum unknown. For all we know, that number could be double, but since people fail to report such incidents, they remain unknown to anyone.


There are easy ways to even prevent an accident like this from occurring.



Very simple methods to prevent pedestrian injuries and deaths in vehicle accidents, being visible during the night time, which the woman in the video was with the lights flashing at her. Crossing at designated crosswalks, or even something as easy as walking on a sidewalk or path that is designated for pedestrians. If this is not available, walking on the shoulder of the road, facing oncoming traffic is the next safest step.


While surfing the internet looking for information on pedestrian accidents, I found a website that shows the number of deaths so far this year from being a pedestrian or cyclist. The website also talks about how these accidents are happening, how they can be prevented and what can be done about the situations. If you wish to view this website and read more, the click here to read it.


Going back to the video from the beginning, knowing the driver with the camera’s heart was in the right place, wanting to have police use the footage as evidence. His dash camera did the job that was needed as if the footage would have been valid. You can see everything involved in the accident, the car driving forward and even the woman being hit and falling. Unfortunately because of how the law is structured, the police aren’t able to use to footage unless one of the parties involved in the accident come forward with a complaint.


So for those good Samaritans out there wanting to help others, just remember, you are doing the right thing, but sometimes the option that feels right, may not be the best option there is.


If you would like to learn more about dash cameras like the one used in the video, visit our website. If you would like to learn more about the incident mentioned above in this blog, visit the CBC website here.

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