50 Years Of CES

Consumer Electronics Show or also known as CES has been around for the last 50 years. With this show has come a lot of big reveals in the electronic world.

In 1985, Nintendo revealed the NES, which is currently the tenth highest selling video game console of all time. It was also the best selling console of its time.

In 1996, the DVD was first released, revolutionizing the video format game. This opened the gates for such things as the Blu-Ray disk to be created and also revealed at CES in 2003.

In 1998, the first high definition television was shown to the world.

Also, in 2001, Microsoft launched their first ever video game console in the Xbox. They revealed this during the show in 2001. This release would launch Xbox into competition with Sony for console superiority, with CES being its launching pad.

In 2008, Bill Gates was the keynote speaker, and in his speech announced his retirement from day to day duties at Microsoft. Among other products revealed at the CES is the Videocassette recorder (VCR) in 1970, paving the way for the PVR we all know of now.

Also in 2015, Samsung released new 4K televisions, one being 105-inches that can bend on command. CES has been home to some of the biggest game changing moments in the history of technology.


In 2017, DOD Tech returned to CES and showed off our new line up of dash cameras. The IS420W, LS475W, LS475W+, LS500W+, RC500S, RX500W, and the HUMMER. With new features in some such as, Speed camera alert, WIFI connectivity to our free app and a larger internal memory, CES was the place to showcase this with the rest of the technology world.

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