Image Quality
A crystal clear image is a necessity to capture all of the detail on the road. We strive to provide dashcams that offer the best image quality. We use high quality image sensors and high quality lenses. Combined with a high ISO sensitivity this ensures that you get clear and crisp videos day or night. Just see for yourself.
Made from high quality materials and parts, our dashcams offer high quality performance in all situations. Day, night, hot weather, cold weahter; we have you covered. Super fast 10Hz GPS logging ensures that your speed and location data are as accurate as possible. From top to bottom, our dashcams are designed with performance in mind.
You and DOD Tech
Be a part of the DOD team. Join us on social media to view and share exciting videos, images, and experiences. See how our dashcams can benefit you. #MYDOD
A Dashcam For Everyone
Regardless what you're behind the wheel of, DOD dashcams have been designed with every driver in mind
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