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Have the video proof you need.
Car Accidents? Traffic Ticket?
Avoid costly arguments with your insurance company or police over what happened.
Marcel’s truck was damaged from plywood flying off a company vehicle.
Note: Video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.
Because of this video, which proves that I was not fault, I will not have to pay my deductible and the camera just paid for itself.
– Marcel L. –
DOD Tech Focuses on Video Quality
We help drivers capture important details such as license plates.
Cameras mounted side by side. Unaltered screenshots taken from the recorded video.
Simple Easy Setup
No Tools. No Technical Knowledge
If you can install a GPS, you can install our cameras.
Everything you need is included in the box.
What People are Saying
A Camera for Every Need
Performance Cameras
Looking for the best protection? DOD Tech’s high performance cameras help you capture the details you need.
Mirror Dash Cameras
Want a camera that doesn’t stick out? This dash camera straps onto your existing rear view mirror.
Compact Dash Cameras
Smaller than a deck of cards, these cameras maintain a low profile.